Ezekiel 37 | We see bones, but He sees an army...

it's time to see a movement of people who will stand up for their faith & be the end time army.


With a background in Pentecost and strong education of the Word of God, Calli Wood has journeyed through ministry in the church with music and preaching ministry. Her heart is the lost people all around the world, and also people who have forgotten or pushed aside the true message of Christ.

The Lord has placed a vision on her heart to see a movement and revival hit the church once more. What if our churches were in revival? What if our youth took a stand for Christ in their schools? Calli’s goal is to see a new mark in history by simply using the power of faith and action. Ezekiel 37 has become the foundation of Calli Wood Ministries. This message in Ezekiel gives an example of the power we have with faith and obedience. Ezekiel was mandated to declare life and from his obedience came an army. This army is needed today.

Calli Wood speaks on salvation, power, freedom, and also delivers a charge to the church to press on in revival and outreach. Whether through song or a message, her goal is to see Christ preached and the Holy Spirit to lead every service.


“It is not by man’s eloquence of words or manipulation of emotions that life change comes, but rather by a revelation of the God we serve.”


Calli Wood

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Pink Shoes!

“Pink shoes is a movement of people who will stand up for Christ without caring about what others may think.”


What if people didn’t care about other’s opinions? What if fashion was really just whatever the person wanted to wear? What if there was no rule of what matches? Well Pink Shoes is a ministry of people that will do whatever it takes to share Christ without fear of what people might think, just like the thought of wearing pink shoes wherever and whenever you want. Pink is not the normal color for shoes, but they do catch people’s attention!

I challenge you to have the same outlook in your personal walk with Jesus. Get radical! When you feel the urge to be different and take a stand for what you believe, just think, Pink shoe’s, Don’t Care!


If you are interested in bringing Calli Wood Ministries to share more or to start the movement in your church or town contact Calli Wood Ministries for more information.

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